Friday, November 18, 2005

Galloway is at it again

This guy has become so preposterous that I am sure even the Syrians are laughing their heads off!

"This is not a dream, you know. In the European Union, there is almost 100 languages, there is many religions, there is countries who only 50 years ago were slaughtering each other by the million in war - totally different cultures with nothing in common except living on the mainland of Europe. But we are making a European Union which in 20 years will balance the power of the United States of America, inshallah."

Too much arrack.

"Hundreds of thousands are ready to fight them in the Middle East, and in Latin America there is revolution everywhere. Fidel Castro is feeling young again. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile are all electing left-wing governments which are challenging American domination. And in Venezuela, the hero Hugo Chavez has stood against them over and over and over again."

Read it all, but put down your drink first or it'll come out of your nose!

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