Monday, November 28, 2005

Galloway pledges solidarity to Chavez

At its national conference in November, the anti-war Respect coalition passed the following resolution pledging solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.

1. This conference extends its solidarity to the people of Venezuela and applauds its government for its challenge to neoliberalism and US domination.

2. We pledge our support for a broad based campaign of solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

3) We encourage those Respect members who can to attend the World Social Forum in Caracas being held 25-29 January.

4) We resolve to affiliate to the Hands off Venezuela campaign.

An anonymous source, highly placed in the Caracas government, informed me that immediately after the resolution was passed, Chavez phoned George and said: "Took your bloody time, didn't you, guv'nor? What does Assad have that I don't?" (This blog could not independently confirm the information).

As Fausta says: "Galloway is the gift that keeps on giving" ;-).

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Fausta said...

and keeps on taking, too!