Monday, November 28, 2005

Trolling for Syria

Syria Comment Plus has a poignant comment on Mehlis arrangement with Syria regarding the interrogation of the suspects:

With Mehlis set to interview five unnamed Syrian intelligence officers in Vienna, every Ba’athist on this planet is celebrating this victory of sort because the venue was changed to Austria and because guarantees for no arrest were given by Mehlis against the five suspects.

In fact, there is nothing to celebrate about and here is why.

If the five people were found to be involved in the assassination of Hariri and arrested in Vienna, then the international community looses the chance for regime change in Syria. The culprits have been arrested and will be judged under international law. Syria is off the hook. Assad is given a golden opportunity to save his regime.

But if the five return home to Syria and Mehlis finds in his report due to be delivered to the UN on December 15 that any of the ones he investigated are guilty, then international warrants will be issued and more than likely Assad will get into this tug-of-war of not delivering them thus placing Syria back into the pressure cooker.

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