Friday, November 11, 2005

The politics behind the Italian documentary on Falluja

I don't want to go into the military aspect of this story but would like to give it a little context.

Some of the participants:

Rai News24: it is an offshoot of Rai 3 channel, traditionally dominated by Communists; even now, under Berlusconi's government.

Giuliana Sgrena: a compulsive liar, extremist, communist who writes for "Il Manifesto", an Italian terrorists support rag, (in)famous for having published on its first page an article celebrating the victory of John Kerry on 3/11/2004. She was kidnapped in Iraq under very obscure circumstances (she had gone there to find proof - by asking terrorists - of American use of chemical weapons). She then suggested (her own admission) to her "jailers" to shoot a video so she could mobilize Italians against the war. Her liberation, conducted secretly and without informing the Coalition Forces, cost the life of an Italian secret agent. According to her numerous and contradictory statements, Sgrena maintained that just before being shot at by American forces, they were driving slowly; that they received no warning at the checkpoint and were shot at with hundreds and hundreds of bullets, even from a tank (everything was later disproved when the car was examined).

Another proof of her lies?

I gathered accounts of the use of phosphorus and napalm from a few Fallujah refugees whom I met before being kidnapped, says Manifesto reporter Giuliana Sgrena, who was kidnapped in Fallujah last February, in a recorded interview. I wanted to get the story out, but my kidnappers would not permit it.

Sure, it makes sense; they wouldn't want to put the Americans in a bad light.

Un Ponte per...: an NGO that enjoyed Saddam's support for ten years before the war. Two of its employees were the "victims" of a very obscure kidnapping and were released in splendid form.

Jeff Engelhart: an anti-war marine who "heard it" on the radio; he has recently joined Cindy Sheehan itinerant show.

Mohamad Tareq: a Sunni doctor who supports terrorists:

Mr. Tareq was not only "a biologist in Fallujah", but also the director of the aforementioned "Studies Centre of Human Rights in Fallujah", an organisation whose focus is to promote war crimes charges against the Americans.

Alice Mahon: former MP and Stop the War Coalition featured speaker

A few facts:

- Contrary to the opening statement of the documentary, many journalists (more than a hundred were "embedded") were in Fallujah to report the events during the attack.

- WP will burn anything it comes in contact with; especially clothes.

- WP is an incendiary agent, not a chemical one.

- WP and MK77 are not illegal.

Why now?

In view of Talabani's visit to Rome (Talabani is a member of the Socialist International, close to Italy's left parties) and positive developments in Iraq, the moderate left in Italy has begun to soften its position on Italian troops withdrawal considerably, to the outrage of the extremists (communists, greens). It was the perfect moment to broadcast this "thing".

Conclusion: badly researched, unprofessional reporting for propaganda purposes.

PS: This is the American Embassy response to the director of RAI News24.

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a man said...

Excellent post, I linked it here: Congratulations and keep uo the good work!

Mario Sechi said...

Grazie per il link.
Mario Sechi

aa said...

Recently, "Il Manifesto" has written, after a deadly terrorist attack in Iraq which killed tens of children, that this sad outcome was due to the fact the US army used "chilndren as human shield".

This is why, we in Italy call the paper "Il Nazifesto".

thanx for supporting freedom fighters in Italy. :)


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GNN Staff Writer said...

Thanks for this one. I've linked to it from my site. Keep up the good work!

Legba said...

My most sincere compliements. From Captain to Captain!

L'inutile said...

Very good post. Said by an italian no comunist citizen...

Fx said...


I know, you can't understand. Let me explain you:

> 1 Person A makes claim X.
> 2 Person B makes an attack on person A.
> 3 Therefore A's claim is false.


you're a poor man.

you know, right? the US government has admitted that phosphorus had used in iraq.

oh, it seems that the tons of shit you have spent are like a boomerang: it returns to the sender...

communist, terrorist, liar... YOU SHOULD SHOW GRATITUDE TO RAI NEWS 24, GIULIANA SGRENA, UN PONTE PER, JEFF ENGELHART, MOHAMED TAREQ, ALICE MAHON: PEOPLE THAT LOVE TRUTH, CONTRARY TO YOU, WHO LOVE ONLY TO MAKE WAR - you should to make love, indeed... when you'll try for the first time, you'll understand that is much better.

truth hurts, but it isn't a sufficient reason to fear it.

ps: seriously... are you a nazi?

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