Thursday, November 24, 2005

Zimbabwe sanctions, secession

United States President George W Bush has frozen the American assets of 128 people and 33 entities deemed to be "hindering democratic reform in Zimbabwe", the White House announced on Wednesday.

At a time when Mugabe is intensifying illegal land grabs and intimidation, Bush has extended sanctions against Zimbabwe's corrupt elite and party-owned companies. A good and timely move as many in ZANU PF are beginning to feel on their own skin that Mugabe is not a dispenser of favors anymore but a political liability.

ZAPU-Federal Party leader Paul Siwela has called on President Robert Mugabe not to brush aside calls for a separate state from Matabeleland because people from the region genuinely feel that his government is not serving them. Siwela, whose party advocates a federal system of government which would make each region autonomous, said the voting patterns in the country have clearly indicated that the people of Matabeleland have never voted for President Mugabe, so he should listen to their concerns instead of brushing them off.

I wonder why it took so long.

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