Monday, November 21, 2005

North Korea to fight terrorism

Belgian movie hardman Jean Claude Van Damme is being head-hunted to solve the world's terrorism problems, by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's son and potential successor. Jong Il's 24-year-old heir Kim Jong Chol has reportedly been dismissed by his father as "too girlish" to rule the country, but is a leading contender as his elder brother is currently in self-imposed exile in Europe. And North Koreans will be interested in Kim Jong Chol's defence and foreign policies - which he proposes should be lead by the 'Muscles From Brussels'. Inspired by Van Damme's terrorist-busting performance in 1995 film Sudden Death, he says, "I'd not allow weapons or atom bombs any more. I'd destroy all terrorists with the Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme."

It runs in the family, then (ht: Forgetfoo).

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GNN Staff Writer said...

Jeez, this post gives me the creeps!