Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Al Qaeda's delirium

The latest statement is so absurd that it must be false; if it is not, then Al Qaeda Iraq Inc. is really on its last legs.

Militants loyal to al-Qaeda in Iraq threatened to intensify their campaign of violence sharply unless United States and Iraqi forces end a major offensive near the Syrian border, in an internet statement posted on Monday.

Do as we say, or else. You're kidding me!

"The organisation has decided to give the apostate government and its [US] master 24 hours to end their campaign against the Sunni people. After that, they will only see from us the worst and something that's going to make the earth tremble under their feet," warned the statement, signed in the name of spokesperson Abu Maisara al-Iraqi.

"Every area that supports this government and its campaign against Muslims in any way will turn into a legitimate target for the lions of monotheism," it said. "We will punish these towns the same way Sunni Muslim towns are being punished for resisting the apostates."

They are desperate to keep the Sunnis on their side, but support is waning.


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Roamerick said...

"they will only see from us the worst" opposed to all of the positive ways in which we've seen "The best of Al Qaida" in the past, right?

Who can forget such historic efforts as the "Al Qaida for The Children" charity run, "Bin Laden's Fun-Packed-Travelling-Fun-Fair" and, of course, the block-busting Broadway play "The Osama Monologues."

Yup. It's hard to imagine Al Qaida having a dark side.