Saturday, November 05, 2005

Europe suicide

The riots in France have now spread to 16 cities and seem out of control. Many have been quick to blame poverty and unemployment as the main causes, but what is causing those same riots in Denmark then, where state checks for the unemployed are the equivalent of a high level professional's salary? It is the failure of multiculturalism, pure and simple.

As Roamerick recently wrote:

Long-term, unconditional tolerance for cultural diversity as a paramount human right has incubated the very intolerance it was intended to stamp out. A balance needs to be re-established, whereby the right to cultural diversity is tempered by a demand for cultural understanding.

France, proud of its assimilation policy, in fact never subscribed it. The agreements signed in the past by many European countries with the Arab League made sure that what is happening now would have happened: they agreed that new immigrants would in no way be asked to embrace local customs, therefore paving the way for ghettoes, segregation, crime.

The Hamburg symposium of 1983 recommended that European countries "promote adequately immigrants culture, in schools and with appropriate communications channels in their own original language". The European Arab League, active in Belgium and Holland, declares: "We don't want to be assimilated...we want to maintain our identity, teach our children our language, Arab history and Islam. We will resist any attempt to deprive us of our right to our cultural and religious identity...Assimilation is a cultural rape" (source: Il Foglio).

The MSM has taken extra care to avoid words like "Muslim, Islam, &c" when referring to the riots; however, terms like "young north Africans" are not fooling anyone. The French Imams, who probably have organized the whole cycle of violence from the start, are appearing more and more as the only solution to the French authorities; if they manage, as it is likely, to calm the youths and stop the riots in the name of "Allah Akbar", they will be the heroes of the banlieus and France might as well be prepared to cede some territory to them to found their New Andalusia.

This time Europe cannot blame anyone but itself.

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