Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mugabe is not happy

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe has got what it takes:

Dell said: "The country's accelerating economic decline, acute lack of foreign currency, unprecedented emigration of medical workers - all brought about by economic mismanagement - present severe challenges to addressing the pandemic. In the end, however, the international community cannot do it all. Sound economic policies are just as important as international assistance in public health. Zimbabwe is experiencing perhaps the largest peacetime economic decline in history."

And "big mouth" Bob doesn't like it:

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is to summon US ambassador Christopher Dell for what has been termed his "undiplomatic behaviour", a state-run weekend paper reported on Sunday.

"The president is not happy with Mr Dell's behaviour. The ambassador has been on a crusade uttering political statements expected from an opposition party and I think the president wants to put a stop to all that," the source was quoted as saying. The newspaper said Mugabe will ask Dell to explain why he is "allegedly working with the British embassy in Harare to compile adverse reports on the political situation in Zimbabwe."

One to one? Naah...let's have a party!

Fourteen Western embassies challenged the Zimbabwean government on Saturday to acknowledge it faced a humanitarian crisis following a campaign of evictions and the demolition of thousands of homes, shacks and markets across the country.

"Tens of thousands of people (are) still homeless and in need of assistance five months after the eviction campaign began," said the embassies of Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, the European Union, Greece, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

And don't forget to invite Kofi "itwasn'tme" Annan, who got it right this time:

"The United Nations continues to receive reports that tens of thousands of people are still homeless and in need of assistance, months after the eviction campaign began in May 2005," Annan's spokesman Stephen Dujarric said in a statement this week. "He (Annan) is particularly dismayed to learn that the government of Zimbabwe's Ad-Hoc Inter-Ministerial Cabinet Committee has rejected offers of UN assistance," said Dujarric.


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